Proudly West Australian owned and operated for over 15 years, EMS’ undivided focus on personalized support has earned its reputation as WA’s industry leaders in heavy equipment maintenance and support.

Elphinstone Group Pty Ltd trading as Elphinstone Mechanical Services (EMS) offers heavy equipment repairs and specialised labour hire to the mining and construction industries in Western Australia and overseas since its establishment in 2005.

EMS has provided exceptional support for projects large and small, from preventative maintenance and breakdowns through to comprehensive machine overhauls and component rebuilds. We deliver an efficient and quality service, use the latest in specialised tooling and equipment, and provide preventative maintenance plans to minimise costly downtime.

Elphistone Mechanical Services employs only the most highly skilled and experienced personnel and maintain the highest safety standards.

Dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of service, we pride ourselves on constantly meeting the ever-changing needs of the industry. EMS provides all employees the appropriate training based on our clients’ requirements to ensure they offer maximal benefits in their role on the specific site or job.

EMS has acquired a vast array of experiences over the last 14 years and undergone numerous transformations to become the robust business that it is today. From originally servicing the mining and construction industries – giving mechanical support for OEM equipment – to now providing ongoing field service and specialised labour to the large iron ore companies in the Pilbara, the company continues to grow and strengthen.

EMS has expanded its operations to include operational workshops and field service on the Goldfields and the Pilbara while also offering field service to the NT.

Our Story

EMS plays a vital part in the mining, construction and support service industries.


We’ve proudly remained a 100% owned and operated Western Australian family company, with our first OEM-certified specialist still providing valuable tools-on-the ground support.