Our Company

Proudly Western Australian owned and operated, our unwavering focus on personalised support has earned us the reputation as a leader in heavy equipment maintenance and support. 

Quality Guaranteed. Your Trusted Industry Partner.

EMS offers heavy equipment fast-tracked repairs and specialised labour hire to the mining and construction industries in Western Australia and overseas. 

Our expert team provides exceptional support for projects of any size – from preventative maintenance and breakdown support, through to comprehensive machine overhauls and component rebuilds. Using the latest in specialised tooling and equipment, we deliver an efficient and quality service, minimising machine downtime and saving our clients money. 

Dedicated to providing a highly personalised service, we pride ourselves on constantly meeting the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Our solid reputation is built on our ability to attract the best talent through highly effective recruitment campaigns. We put the right people in the right jobs, ready to handle any situation – employing only the most highly skilled and experienced personnel who perform their work to the highest standards.

Through innovative thinking and resourceful strategies, we consistently achieve successful outcomes for our clients. This commitment has earned us a loyal and growing client base, establishing EMS as a dependable provider of high-quality mine site labour support.

Our Core Values


 At EMS, safety isn’t just a checkbox; it’s the cornerstone of everything we do. Our dedication to safety runs deep, threading through every facet of our operations to ensure everyone gets back home safely. We prioritise the wellbeing and security of employees, clients and other stakeholders through comprehensive safety protocols, training programs and measures to prevent accidents, injuries or harm in the workplace. 

Effective communications is crucial for the mining industry and for our company. We prioritise open and transparent dialogue, active listening, straight-forward language, and fostering a culture of collaboration – ensuring our stakeholders are well-informed and engaged every step of the way.

We are committed to the success and growth of our company, employees and clients. This involves setting and working towards goals, creating value for clients, maximising profitability and sustaining long-term economic sustainability. We embrace innovation, adapting to the changing industry conditions and strive for continuous improvement. 

Respect is an essential core value that ensures individuals are treated with dignity, fairness and courtesy. We value diverse perspectives, foster inclusivity, and maintain a supportive and inclusive work environment. Prioritising respect encourages teamwork, discourages discrimination or harassment, and promotes equal opportunities for all. 

Having a strong focus on integrity demonstrates transparency, accountability and trustworthiness in our actions. Prioritising ethical decision-making and responsible business practices maintains the trust of the clients, employees and the wider community. 

We value collaboration, cooperation and dedication among our employees to achieve shared goals. This fosters a culture of trust, effective communication and mutual support. We recognise the strengths and contributions of individuals, promote knowledge sharing, and create opportunities for cross-functional collaborations to achieve exceptional client outcomes.

From Humble Beginnings to World-Class Service Provider

Starting out as a provider of mechanical support services and heavy-duty mechanics for OEM equipment in 2005, EMS has since expanded its offering to provide ongoing field service and specialised labour to some of Australia’s biggest mining companies. Adapting to market needs through client and team feedback, our capabilities expanded further to encompass operational workshops and field service in the Goldfields, Pilbara, the Northern Territory and various overseas locations. 

We have proudly remained a 100% owned and operated Western Australian family company, backed by a solid and loyal team – with the first OEM-certified specialist still providing valuable on-the ground support today. 

More than a labour provider, we build strong relationships with our clients both on-site and in the office. Our tailored approach ensures integrity as we expand while staying true to our core values, with each member of our team chosen for their commitment, skills, safety approach and positive attitude.