Safety and Compliance

We want our people to get home safely. That’s why ‘Safety First’ is our most important core value.

Championing Safer Workplaces.
Our People Are Our Priority.

At EMS, safety and compliance are crucial aspects of our business. As a preferred vendor for major mining companies, we understand the critical role safety plays in ensuring the well-being of our employees and those working around us. That’s why we have made it a top priority to implement and maintain a robust safety management system that meets the highest industry standards.

We work hard to embed our ‘safety first’ core value in everything we do. Our commitment to safety starts with our employees, who are encouraged to champion a safe and healthy workplace culture. We firmly believe that every employee has a responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves and others, and they are empowered to stop work if they feel that it is not safe to continue.

We are proud to be a CAT 3 provider, which means we have undergone extensive audits to demonstrate our compliance with industry best practice. This is testament to our dedication to ensuring that our employees, customers and stakeholders are safe at all times.

Our commitment to providing a safe workplace is non-negotiable. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you are partnering with a company that does not compromise on safety.

Our Core Principles


Prioritising safety reflects our commitment to safeguarding employees, clients and stakeholders, mitigating the potential for accidents, injuries or worse. Safety and compliance are essential to protect our people, meet legal requirements, manage risks, boost employee morale and save costs.

Compliance with laws and regulations is imperative to our organisation. We strive to uphold the highest industry standards and take great pride in our work every day. Our commitment to industry leadership helps build our reputation by positioning EMS as an entity that operates ethically and responsibly, making us a trusted and reliable partner.

Implementing robust safety protocols and maintaining compliance standards allows us to pre-emptively identify and address potential risks, reducing the likelihood of incidents. Beyond simple adherence, our commitment to compliance actively minimises the occurrence of accidents, demonstrating a proactive approach to safety.

Prioritising safety extends beyond physical well-being; it creates an environment where employees feel secure and appreciated, resulting in higher motivation, productivity, employee retention and engagement levels. Cultivating a safety-conscious mindset among employees encourages effective collaboration, strengthens team dynamics and elevates overall performance.

Our emphasis on safety and compliance reflects our unwavering commitment to ethical practices and responsible operations. By placing safety at the forefront, we not only differentiate ourselves from competitors, but also position EMS as a leader in the industry.

Our Robust Safety and Compliance Framework

EMS integrates compliance into all aspects of our business, managed by our Compliance Management System (CMS), which was developed by the Elphinstone Group Pty Ltd under the guidance of the Australian Standard for Compliance Programs (AS3806-2006). We also use software including MYOSH to manage our HSEC requirements.

Our Health & Safety Management System is based on risk-based management of Principle Hazards and is subject to regular reviews and audits of critical controls. Additional practices to ensure compliance with all regulations and standards include:

  • Monitoring and evaluating our practices to maintain alignment with evolving safety and compliance standards.

  • Communication and reporting to evaluate our performance, address issues and improve processes

  • Comprehensive safety training for all staff to identifying hazards and risks, and to analyse and implement vital safety controls

  • Periodical management review of HSEC policies and procedures to maintain site safety and legislation compliance

Building A Healthier, More Productive Workforce

We believe that mental wellbeing is equally as important as physical wellbeing. That’s why we have a comprehensive health and wellbeing program to promote positive mental health.

Our Employee Assistance Program provides free, professional and confidential counselling to our employees and their dependants to help resolve both personal and work-related issues. We also offer a range of fitness initiatives and community engagement activities including:

  • Working Away from Home: Mental Health Awareness
  • Mental Health for FIFO Workers and Managers
  • Beyond Blue – Managing Mental Health at Work
  • St John First Aid for Mental Health
  • RUOK Day
  • Ronald McDonald Charity
  • Movember – Men’s Health Awareness