We want our people to get home safely. That’s why ‘Safety First’ is our most important principle.

The safety and well-being of our employees, contractors and broader stakeholders are firmly embedded in our work culture. EMS actively encourages all employees and contractors to champion a safe and healthy workplace, with the ‘safety first’ principle central to all our work activities.

Elphinstone Mechanical Services is committed to delivering improved safety performance in tandem with our production targets. Our ultimate goal is for safety and production to be entrenched in our operational thinking and performance, which leads to a sustainable and successful business.

We thoroughly manage risk through hazard identification and reporting, assessment and appropriate control indicated policies and procedures.

EMS’s core areas of focus:

  • Implementing and maintaining a Health & Safety Management System based on risk-based management of Principle Hazards which includes regular reviews and audits of critical controls
  • Strengthening our company’s culture by demonstrating our leadership commitment and living the organisational values
  • Implementing resilient safety standards, procedures and supporting systems
  • Building and maintaining organisational capability and capacity through comprehensive safety training programs
  • Proactively identifying threats, assessing risks and continuously instituting a robust hierarchy of controls to eliminate priority unwanted events
  • Strict adherence to principles of good corporate governance and compliance with all regulations and standards
  • Embracing innovation and technology

Despite our significant achievements, EMS cannot and will not rest on past performance.  We continue to challenge ourselves and raise our expectations  – and live and actively demonstrate our commitment to safety every day.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing initiatives don’t just improve the health and wellbeing of our employees; they also provide positive effects on the underlying culture within our organisation, complementing and reinforcing our safety strategy.

“We believe that our people’s mental wellbeing is equally as important as their physical wellbeing. That’s why we have a comprehensive health and wellbeing program to care for our people and promote positive mental health.”

Our employees’ mental health and wellbeing are supported by our Employee Assistance Program, which provides free, professional and confidential counselling to employees and their dependants to help resolve both personal and work-related problems.

We provide a range of support to our team, covering fitness initiatives, health and wellbeing – and community engagement activities, such as the following:

  • Working Away from Home: Mental Health Awareness
  • Mental Health for FIFO Workers and Managers
  • Beyond Blue – managing mental health at work
  • St John First Aid for Mental Health
  • RUOK Day
  • Ronald McDonald Charity
  • Movember – men’s health awareness
  • Access – Health and Well-Being Services

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