Field Service Mobile Boiler Making Division

A reliable, high-quality turnkey service for all your boiler making requirements.

Our EMS Mobile Equipment Maintenance Division specialises in providing qualified Trades Technicians to undertake scheduled and project repair maintenance on all mobile equipment both on and off-site.

Our delivery scope includes Bucket and Tray Repairs, Rebuilds and Assembly, Conditioning Monitoring, G.E.T. Monitoring and OEM specific repairs and upgrades.


  • OEM Upgrade Shutdowns
  • Maintenance Teams G.E.T.
  • Bucket Rebuilds/Repairs
  • Tray Rebuilds/Repairs
  • Long-term Labour
  • Short-term Labour
  • Shutdown Labour
  • Field Support Boilermakers


Elphinstone Mechanical’s  Mobile Maintenance team delivers quality upgrades, rebuilds and repairs. Our team of highly skilled and experienced tradespeople have successfully delivered repairs and rebuild projects both nationally and internationally. Having sound industry knowledge, we can partner with our clients to design and undertake modifications specific to site and OEM requirements. EMS maintains a fleet of specialized mine compliant vehicles and equipment specific to our project needs.


Quality Tradespeople

  • Coded Boilermakers
  • Boilermakers
  • G.E.T. Technicians
  • Supervisors
  • Line Borers

Leaders in innovation, quality & safety

EMS has been routinely selected by leading mine sites and operational equipment manufacturers as a preferred supplier for our capabilities to manage each project from start to finish. Always providing a quality service, delivered on time and within budget, our team pride themselves on being leaders in innovation, quality and safety.


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